You Know Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies Are 100 percent Legal In India

But their is no clear law you have to pay 30 percent tax to goverment, goverment impose these tax in April 2022

30 percent chrarge on transfer of cryptocurrencies in India i thik it is little bit higher

How to buy crypto in india many people not knowing how to buy cryptocurrencies so your answer here on next slide

First Step You Have to register on any Trusted exchange platform like binance

Many others platform also for safe trading you have to choose best exchange platform for secure and safe trading in CryptoCurrency

After registration you have to verify With legal Documents Like Pan Card And Adhar Card For Full Kyc for uninterrupted service

After Verification Complete You have to enter Upi Details On Exchanging Application for buying Currencies

And last you have to add money in Exchanging Account Via Card or bank accounts and then buy bitcoin in your Crypto Exchanging App

Be ensure  only use  safe platform  For Buying and selling crypto Hope you              Like it